What if we could learn from the collective experience of patients everywhere?

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Crohnology is...

A Patient-Powered Research Network

that allows any patient to contribute to research for the cure.

Currently focused on

Sean Ahrens , Crohn's patient and founder of Crohnology

I started Crohnology because
after living for Crohn's for 14 years, I realized that the data that I was gathering
outside the doctor's office
was just as important as, if not more than, what I was learning inside.

Since my diagnosis at age 12,
I have had a dozen major flare ups of the disease. I found that, for me, diets and supplements, stress reduction and mental relaxation, and exercise help. I heard many people on the internet claim that they had found the magic bullet, but I thought it was irresponsible to be so confident.

Just because these things worked for me, I wasn't about to claim that they work for everybody. Instead, I decided to build a patient-powered research network that would allow patients everywhere to be contributing their own treatment experimentation in a way that could be aggregated for us to learn what actually works for whom.

— Sean Ahrens

patients with Crohn's and Colitis
years of patient experience

How it works

  1. You build a timeline of your health and the treatments you've done.
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  3. You contribute to collective knowledge by asking and answering research questions or participating in studies.
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  5. We share the knowledge back with everyone.
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Ready to Join in Advancing the World's Collective Knowledge?

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Are you a physician or the family member of a patient? You can get involved, too.

Are you a researcher? Are you trying to run a survey, study, trial, or otherwise learn from patients?
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