Week Three of Bacteria Transplant

Wow it's been three weeks so far. It's funny how three weeks seems so long to me because it's been years since I've gone that long with minimal issues!

I have to say this bacteria transplant was definitely a good thing for me. I found out from my GI doctor that he infused the bacteria with a solution of Ultimate Floramax which is what gave me a trillion bacteria organism in my gut!

This treatment has stopped the constant diarrhea and definitely has put me on a path towards healing rather than where I was which was the complete opposite of healing! However one thing I want to make clear is this - I do not believe this treatment alone was what got me here. I believe there have been multiple steps taken with the doctor and my dietitian including the transplant that put me on a path of healing.

I think we have to remember there is no one specific answer or "cure" if you will. For instance, though the transplant has helped considerably I still deal with urgency, pain and exhaustion. I still have a long road to go before I am considered "healthy". My doctor and dietitian agree I am looking at 6 months to a year of diets, supplements and patients!

When I saw my doctor last he informed me that when they did the colonoscopy there was still colitis and lots of mucus. They did see an improvement in healing on my villi which were damaged 5 years ago - so that was good. He said I need to try to stay healthy and away from antibiotics as much as possible as those could wipe this entire thing out! He also said I have a long road to go before I can live a normal "so called" life again - if ever. There is a chance that the colitis won't go away, there is a chance the bad bacteria can over take my system again... there are a lot of ifs - as this is a new treatment and not studied fully yet. So while there was a lot of good news - there is still a lot of maybe's left out there! That is a bit scary :) My doctor also wants me to consider immunoglobulin therapy.

I just saw my dietitian yesterday. We have a long road ahead of us. I have been malnourished for 5 plus years that we have to overcome, I have damage from what happened recently to my gut and I have to heal. So we are taking this slow! I am staying on SCD diet for now until I can tolerate all the foods on it up to phase 4. Then I can start adding additional "paleo type" foods into my diet to see how I can tolerate them. Then we will begin to take the foods I had to eliminate due to the ALCAT showing I had a sensitivity to them again to see if I can tolerate them (or I will have to take the test again - whatever way I chose to proceed). Along with this LONG process of using diet to continue to heal (because I can only add in one new food a week right now - so I am thinking at that rate it's going to take me YEARS to get off SCD LOL) I am also adding some supplements in.

My new supplements are Paleo Meal - which has a high concentrate of glutamine in it to help my gut heal. I am also going to be taking GI Protect once a day because it has igG in it which is what the GI doctor wanted to put in me with the immunoglobulin therapy but in a more non evasive way. Then the doc wants me to take fish oil ( but I've never been able to tolerate that well so it will be the last thing I add in!) and still take all of my enzymes, 2 probiotics, creon and bile salts.

So that is where I am 3 weeks later. I am not seeing VAST improvements everyday as I once was when I first did the transplant but I am grateful for the healing I have had. I have a long road in front and it's the less exciting part of this journey as it's lots of rest, patients and diet restrictions - all of which I don't like to do! However I recently saw a post that said "you take your health for granted until you get sick"

Well I am not going to take my health for granted any longer and I am going to walk this long and boring and rough road for as long as I have to if it means I'll regain even half of my health back that I had before!

Thank you all for your support, love, kindness and prayers - I couldn't have made it this far without a team of people around me! So thank you all!

Kimberlee Jarvis
Tampa, FL
Friday, Apr 5, 2013