Another hospital admission


My Body Decided that it was time to have another flare up! It started on the Friday and decided it wasn't going to settle of its own accord and I was waiting to see if i could get a same Day appointment with my GP, however it just got worse and the vomiting started. I called my friend at 6 am and off to accident and emergency. I got the usual IV paracetamol, fluids and anti-emetics. The pain had eased slightly, they were going to let me go home but (there's always a but) When I stood up its was agony. the admitted me and kept me in over night. During this time I seen the specialist and the surgeon, it has been decided that they will have to do surgery, the medication hasn't worked and the stricture is now too narrow for them to leave it. Thankfully the pain settled over night and was discharged later the next day. They are hoping the medication will keep it settled long enough to see the surgeon but I doubt it will, I'm still getting some pain but I'm taking paracetamol. Work wont give and permanent work just now so I'm on bank work. I'm waiting to get an outpatients appointment for the surgeon. I see the dietitian in over a months time. I've been feeling pretty down. I'm trying not to let this beat me but its starting to.

Sally D.
Elgin, United Kingdom
Monday, Apr 8, 2013