One Month post transplant

Hi everyone,

I bet you thought I had the transplant was cured and disappeared :) Nope still here! I am still doing well but not 100% - no cure yet. I'm still waiting on that one!

I am still having low to medium urgency (especially when I have to get in a car but some of that may be anxiety) and pain and tiredness. Dr and Dietitian both assure me it's normal and that I am looking at 3-6 months minimum before I can even expect to know if this transplant "cures" the colitis and "bad bacteria" issues.

So I am no longer seeing vast amounts of healing or signs of getting better - pretty much just still having 4's on the Bristol Chart but nothing else has changed all that much since my last posts.

The hardest part right now is the emotional side of all this and the waiting to see if I will continue to heal and what all this will "look like" in the end.

I will keep you posted!

Kimberlee Jarvis
Tampa, FL
Sunday, Apr 14, 2013