Transplant Update

Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. I am having good bowel movements and pain has gone down considerably since the transplant. Eating doesn't seem to be causing issues but I'm still on SCD phase 2/3. I am slowly introducing new foods each week but it could be a while before I am on a complete SCD diet.

The issues is still having urgency which is weird because not having the diarrhea that goes with it. Just can't hold on to get to a bathroom. I have been struggling with this for weeks and FINALLY decided to call GI doctor.

He thinks due to the swelling he was seeing on my last colonoscopy that I am still having that and that may be causing the issue. So gave me some enemas (Fun stuff) to try to reduce swelling. If it works then we know that's the issue and can focus on that.

If it doesn't work I go back in for a minor fmt transplant in the lower colon with the office's hydrocolon (not sure what her title is) woman Susan. They will do it in the office.

So will keep you updated!

Kimberlee Jarvis
Tampa, FL
Wednesday, Apr 24, 2013