All that talk of surgery

Well the last time I posted on here I had been in hospital and I had been referred to the surgeon after about a month of waiting I got and appointment and that appointment was for today.

So I finally seen the surgeon and surgery is definite since there is nothing medication can actually do for me. They wont be doing any investigations as the surgeon already knows whats there ( he did my laperoscopy when I was diagnosed) He is looking to do a resection and is looking at the last week of July to do it. All though it means Ill be off work for 3 months, I couldn't care when there's a possibility that I can be well and get on with things. It will also mean that I wont be going to college but I can hold off for a year.

I've also seen the dietitian and have been put on to modulen again as a sole source of nutrition, every time I eat I just end up in pain.

That's about all I can say just now.

Sally D.
Elgin, United Kingdom
Wednesday, May 22, 2013