5 months and counting!

August 14th will be five months since my bacteria transplant! So far so good! I think as far as bowel movements go, those have pretty much evened out. I still have 2-3 rough days a month (but compared to NO GOOD DAYS EVER this is fine!). I am still struggling a bit with tolerating foods and have gone back to my nutritionist. She is referring me to an integrative medicine nutritionist to help me from here. So I will let you know how that goes.

Along this journey though I've realized that healing is so much more than food. It's about healing your mind, body and spirit. I have found that as I became more and more ill I let other things go. I quit going to church. I quit having fun. I felt my whole life revolved around food and what it was doing to me. I also did not take in account how my environment was affecting me.

I was working in a VERY toxic environment. The whole time I blamed my food and my body's illness as to why I kept getting sicker and sicker. Then after the bacteria transplant I realized that the more stress and toxic words I was exposed to, the worse I felt each day. I decided to go part time and amazingly enough within a couple of weeks I started improving healthwise even more!

After seeing this, I searched for a new opportunity and was blessed to have found it! I then got up the courage to leave the toxic job completely and it has been amazing how great I have felt since then! I now realize that environment was part of the cause of my illness. That even a bacteria transplant could not completely heal me. I had to also change my environment.

Since realizing this, I've started changing other things in my life too. I make sure to take short walks now and when I do I make sure to appreciate the beauty around me. I make sure to FEEL the sun and to enjoy it. I make sure to hear the birds and to watch the world around me. It relaxes me and makes me feel stronger.

I have also started to make sure I have fun. Even if it's something small like getting my husband to laugh by being silly or by scheduling some time out so that I am not dwelling on my illness.

All of these emotional changes have really bumped up my healing. About three months after the proceedure I felt like my healing had stalled. Then as I made these changes I saw my healing start back up again.

Am I 100% yet? No! However, I am farther along and I know have the tools to get there!

I wish everyone a healthy and happy weekend!

Kimberlee Jarvis
Tampa, FL
Saturday, Aug 10, 2013