Dandelion : Patients Taking Charge: Crohnology

Thanks to Dandelion for writing this great article on us! We're looking forward to expanding our coverage soon.


From the article...

Just like you, San Francisco resident Molly Reisman enjoys some serious social networking in her spare time. She regularly checks her friends' profiles, comments, asks questions, and welcomes new users. But it isn't Facebook she's patronizing. Molly, a 42-year-old education researcher, is a devoted member of a unique social networking site that she says has thoroughly enhanced her lifeā€”it's Crohnology.com, a revolutionary, online patient-to-patient platform for people with Crohn's disease and colitis to share and track information with each other.

Dandelion is a free quarterly magazine that serves as a resource for Bay Area and Sacramento families of children with special needs.
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