Sally's Story

I was diagnosed in september 2012 after being admited query appendicitis and have been in hospital twice since with flare up during the 1st admission i was put on a drip for 5 days to allow my bowel to settle. Went to see the consultant a couple of weeks later when my budesonide was reduced and i was put on to azathioprine as it was thought to have settled and then seen the dietitian the following week and had been given modulan as a supplement. during my last admission with a flare up I completly lost my appetite and was put on to modulan as sole source of nutrition how ever i was unable to keep taking after a couple of days and had to start eating small amounts along with ensure plus drinks which i have now had prescribed for everyday and I took 2 months off of work because I was having so many problems. It now seems to be under control however I was not able to stay off the steriods.

Opps, I forgot about my blog... Heres an update

Ok so the last time I wrote my blog I was waiting to see the surgeon. I seen the surgeon back in September and he was very happy with my recovery, the pathology report came back with crohns, I had a fistula that was connecting my terminal Ileum to my transverse colon. That would explain the pain that I had when I was in hospital back in April, There was also a stricture but I already knew about that. Anyway the surgeon was happy and discharged me from his care. I am waiting contact from the gastro specialist to find out if i should be on any med for prevention. I am now on B12 Injections every 3 months.

I went back to work about a month ago but however have been off something that for once isnt crohns. (feel free to laugh at me for this) I had been back at work just over a week and...

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2013

4 weeks Post op

Well what can I say, Everyday I'm getting better, I feel like I have a new lease of life. I'am the happiest I have been in a long time and I'm eating everything, downside to this is the amount of money spent on food lol. I have been told I am looking a lot healthier now. I should have been starting college today to do my first year of nursing which is a bit depressing but I know that Its more time for me to save and get a new job hopefully as an auxiliary nurse as it seems the best way to get experience that I don't get with home care. I'm excited for the future.

I seed the dietitian and she was impressed with how well I am doing so soon after surgery and how much i am eating. She was happy with my diet but I have some way to to get back to the right weight. She was happy with...

Monday, Aug 26, 2013

One week post-op


I had my surgery a week ago and Im home and I can safely say that it was the best decision I have made!

When they went in they had found more problems than just the stricture in my small bowel and my attached appendix, they found that a bit of the transverse colon had attached to the small bowel and had been pulled down so that was causing me alot of bother. so in the end they did a right Hemicolectomy.

I am now off my crohns medication and the ensure drinks and can pretty much eat normally now. I am so pleased I can now eat things that would cause me pain. Its hard to get use to not being in constant pain or expecting pain when ever I eat.

I see the dietitian at the end of the month and Ill see the surgeon in 6 weeks.

They were very pleased with my recovery and I think...

Monday, Aug 5, 2013

Its Finally Happening!!

I can't believe its finally happening! On Sunday I am going in to hospital for my surgery! I had my pre-admission assessment on the 10th of July and everything came back fine. I had a good chat with the nurse and the anesthetist ( who will be one doing it all on the day.) I've also seen the dietitian again but I cant really say there was alot discussed during that appointment other than ensure drinks. I also seen the gastroentorologist i was told to reduce my steroids with the view to come off them after surgery. I cant really say how excited I am not for the surgery it's self but afterwards when I can get back on track with everything.

I dont know what else to write at the moment but I will try and keep this a bit more up to-date

Wednesday, Jul 24, 2013

All that talk of surgery

Well the last time I posted on here I had been in hospital and I had been referred to the surgeon after about a month of waiting I got and appointment and that appointment was for today.

So I finally seen the surgeon and surgery is definite since there is nothing medication can actually do for me. They wont be doing any investigations as the surgeon already knows whats there ( he did my laperoscopy when I was diagnosed) He is looking to do a resection and is looking at the last week of July to do it. All though it means Ill be off work for 3 months, I couldn't care when there's a possibility that I can be well and get on with things. It will also mean that I wont be going to college but I can hold off for a year.

I've also seen the dietitian and have been put on to modulen...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013