Crohnology could not be possible without the many who have helped along the way.

First of all, Halle Tecco, Leslie Zeigler, and the team at RockHealth for all their amazing help.

Nikolai Kirienko, whose personal journey with Crohn's, friendship, and hard work in applying technology to improving patient lives with IBD is an incredible asset to the field.

The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) deserves utmost recognition for almost 50 years of promoting research and engaging the IBD community.

An incredible debt of gratitude goes to the late Gideon Sofer, a long-standing advocate for raising Crohn's awareness, for fighting for rights of disabled students, and incredible friend. His fight lives on in this project.

My parents, Holly and Ted Ahrens, for their love and support during those difficult years of illness and for their invaluable and uncountable support today.

My first startup investor, Paul Graham, for his priceless startup guidance, and my first professional mentor, Jamie Cheng, who took a wild chance on me as a young undergraduate and fueled me with experience I needed to improve the world through technology.

Great gratitude also goes to Frazier Cunningham and Michael Iskander, early brainstormers and sources of inspiration.

And last but not least to all the people who have chronic medical conditions out there who have touched me emotionally.